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This week's SOD features an interview with Wally Kurth on his return to Days.

- SOD asks Kurth how his return came about. He answers, "I've got a manager who keeps my name out there", and "Dena [Higley] remembers me from when I was on Days." He says that he thinks Days was hoping they'd have an opportunity for Justin to return, "and they found one".

- Kurth says Justin is coming back as an attorney.

- Kurth says he's been watching the show, and "it's exciting to see John Aniston still on the canvas, as well as Peter and Kristian and some of the people I spent time with on the Soapnet show One Day With." Kurth says he's been enjoying the show, and "hopefully I can add to the excitement that is already there."

- Kurth says he has not been contacted by GH about a return. "Of course, I always want to go back there because it's like home to me, but no, I have not heard anything from them." He continues that he's happy that Days called him "because that's a home, as well; that's where I got started."

- Kurth says that he went back to Days the day before this interview was given. He saw some old friends and thought everything was almost the same as he had left it! He remarked that the studios and even the stage managers are the same; "it's like I never left".

- Regarding the Justin character, Kurth says, "I put a lot of myself into that character, and now that Adrienne isn't there, it will be interesting in the sense that I'm alone." Kurth says Justin previously identified himself as part of a relationship, "so that will be good for me because that will be new and different".

- Kurth concludes by saying that he is recognized in public just as much as Justin as he is as Ned (from GH). "They're very loyal viewers and I hope they'll be excited; I'm glad to be a part of it."

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