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First, Corday discusses Crystal Chappell's return and how it came about. Corday says he "tipped the first domino" and asked "the producer and writer" for a "big story" for Bo and Hope which would run from this fall to next spring. Corday clarifies the type of story he wanted: "not just an open and closed-ended kidnapping/bad dreams/Shawn dies kind of long-range story". He says "they put their minds to it" and they asked him what he'd think about bringing back Crystal Chappell. He responded, 'Well, we played the Billie card a lot', and he told them he didn't think anyone currently on the canvas was "viable" in a story with Bo and Hope, "including Justin, who will be back soon". He continued that 'the only person in the past for both of them is Carly'. So then they decided to see if Chappell was interested, and she was. Corday says that currently "they're cooking story" and that it will be "official in writing" soon, "but it is a big story".

Once again, I take note of the terms "producer" and "writer." Why not just fire Higley since it's clear now even Corday knows what is going on? Tomlin and Whitesell are obviously controlling everything so let's stop pretending, please. He also sort of took a dig at Higley here and also took a dig at the visions story (which means he made a jab at Tomlin and Whitesell since that crap is their MO). Notice the stories he mentioned in regards to Bo and Hope. Open and close ended kidnapping (Ava kidnapping Hope), bad dreams (visions story), and Shawn dies. He basically takes a dig at those stories because they didn't do nothing for the canvas. I can applaud him for that comment. I originally defended Shawn's death but after seeing everything play out in the last year, it was a waste. Sure, Shawn's death set up the Max story and opened up the door for Victor to become more present in Bo's life but what else did it do? The Ava story ended fast. There was nothing that went beyond September. Lame.

Like that he acknowledges playing the Billie card alot. DUH!! What a fucking moron. It took him how many times of playing the Billie card to realize this? And how the hell does he figure that Justin can't be involved in a story with Bo and Hope? Justin used to be a playboy back in the day. If you bring him back divorced from Adrienne, have him return to that. That could be fun and I would love to see him make a play for Hope or Carly and cause conflict with Bo. What Corday means to say is they don't want to give Justin anything worth a damn. I'm sure they just want to avoid another new contract if they can and just play him recurring but still. It's clear they just want him as window dressing. The current regime loves the Kiriakis family so it's kind of like what happened on Hogan when all the Dimera's returned. They just brought someone back for show and not for any reason at all. Just to say they did it. I look forward to seeing him but, again, lame.

It does seem like they at least had an idea in mind when they contacted CC so that is more then they usually do and at least they have time to set this all up right, unlike Steve and Kayla. They also made it known that they wanted her back so I can see them doing better by her then they did Steve and Kayla. Corday wanted them back at the start but then there was one transition after another and I'm sure at some point there was a sense of no longer wanting to write for them because they had never been integrated well enough. With Carly, at least there is no transitions. This regime will be there to handle it all from the start so it will at least be consistent. I'm excited. I've wanted Hope/Bo/Carly since years so I just hope it goes the way I envisioned.

Corday then addresses the issue of, as he puts it, "why bring her back as opposed to someone else". He answers his own question by saying that first of all, "no one else is as viable", but then he continues, "yes, it's been 16 years and I believe - not because Peter was nominated for his first Emmy - but I believe that it's more interesting to see Bo torn between two women than Hope torn between two men." He continues by saying that "the time seems right", and that Chappell will be bringing a "huge audience" from GL. He says Carly will "enter with a bang", he continues that "it's nice to have another doctor in the hospital", and he laughs and says that also, "it's going to be wonderful to hear Bo say 'Caaarly'".

I understand his no one else is viable comment as far as a triangle goes but when the hell was Hope ever torn between two men? She was never really in love with Patrick or Franco so when was Hope ever involved with two men? Christ, get your facts straight Corday. I'm interested in Bo in this triangle but if it were any other one, I probably wouldn't be. I know he said it wasn't about the Emmy but I have to wonder if maybe the Emmy nod is why Bo and Hope are even getting a story. I saw no indication that the show was going to do anything with them beyond what we were getting and all of a sudden Carly is back and they will be back on the frontburner in Fall? It's almost like last year when it was evident that Tony and Anna were goners and going to marry offscreen but Thaoo gets an Emmy nod and all of a sudden they both get brought back. Granted, they didn't get any story or as much attention but I think Emmy nods make Corday feel like he has to showcase the actor nominated, even if it is a little bit.

I would love to know what huge audience CC is bringing from GL. Yes, she is popular and I'm sure she will bring fans but I doubt it will be anything that gets Days above a 2.3 LOL. And what the hell was with the whole comment about Bo saying "Caaarly?" Is he serious? Corday needs to lay off the sauce. My God...if that is one of the main reasons you brought her back, it says so much LOL. Good thing Tomlin is there is all I can say. I like that she comes on with a bang though. That is how a return like that should be. I agree that having another doctor around will be great. I would love Carly to interact with Lexie a bit too.

Corday discusses Wally Kurth next. Corday says Kurth's role will be recurring and will fit in "the Daniel/Philip story". Justin will be the "consiglieri in that mafia family" and "maybe more of a voice of reason than any of them".

I talked about Justin already above but I'm really curious about this Daniel/Philip thing. Wonder what that is about. Maybe there is something to the idea that Daniel is more then a Godson to Victor. Hmm...

SOD then asks Corday about the fact that Chappell and Kurth are returning while fan favorites were let go. Corday says that "it was a matter of choosing amongst three very powerful couples" and deciding which to keep on the show and play. Corday continues that "by the time this happens in September" John and Marlena will have been off the show for nine months, and "Patch and Kayla the same". He says that the show did not decide to bring Carly back at the same time that John, Marlena, Patch and Kayla were writen off. Corday continues that we shouldn't "do a price check" because "John and Marlena and Patch and Kayla are not even in the same store." He says further, "for the ardent John and Marlena and Patch and Kayla fans, great, you can still see them at their luncheons. That was then, this is now." Corday says that the first time he visited his father at the ATWT studios, his father was going over the next day's show with the cast, and the cast would ask him how he could do certain things now when a month ago the show did something else. Corday says his father took a large crayon and wrote on the wall, "That was then, this is now." Corday concludes this idea by saying that "for the most part, our viewers are involved with what the story is today."

I know I will no doubt get in trouble for this again but I agree with the whole "that was then, this is now" comment. You do have to move on eventually. Does that mean you should axe vets to do it? No. I just think circumstances came into play and it was easier this way. I just think they no longer wanted to write for them. It was clear they felt forced to write for them rather then just wanting to so I would rather not have them then have something that isn't good because the writers don't like writing for them. That luncheon comment is bad though. Very disrespectful. He should've just left it at we're moving on and that's it.

As some mentioned in the other thread, I have to wonder if maybe he tried to get Dee to come back for the Grace stuff or Steve and/or Kayla back for the Stephanie stuff but they refused. Maybe that is why they left Steve and Kayla in Salem. Maybe he thought he could just bring them back whenever and thought they would be up for that but they refused. He shouldn't be surprised. He treated these people like crap and not to mention MBE was never much for brief returns before she made her big comeback as Kayla. I did feel that maybe this time would be different but since the show treated her like crap I'm sure that didn't help her mindset in that regard.

Next, Corday discusses the future of the show. He says that "the most important six months in this history of the show thus far will be September through March of 2010." He says the ratings for those six months will determine "whether we're picked up for another year into March of 2011".

I think what this means is that while the show has stopping the bleeding and gained viewers, NBC is pushing for more. I'm not sure there is a number in mind as much as they want to make sure the show isn't just going to fall apart again. They want to make sure it's viable consistently and that what the show has done is not a fluke. In that case, Days better make sure it has good stuff going on at the same time as Carly's return and the big baby switch climax because the show will likely get some sort of boost from both but whether they maintain it or build off it will depend on whatever else is going on too. I feel confident the show will survive on NBC at least until 2011. After that, who knows. So much can happen. I think Days is one show with alot of life left in it, as it has showed this year.

As for what story lies ahead, Corday says, "There's a certain direction we're going in this summer." He says this is "a conscious direction", where younger stories will be played but won't be driving the story when summer ends. He continues that "we have big stuff planned." "The bomb ticks and will blow into the fall" for the EJ/Sami/Nicole story. The story will have a "huge conclusion", and because Ari Zucker is pregnant, "we have a way to write Nicole out." He continues previewing the fall stories, saying that "Bo/Hope/Carly/Daniel" will be going on. Corday says, "I do like Stephanie/Philip", and he says also that "I am a fan of Molly Burnett. She has a color like no one else on the show. Very out there and glib, but real." He says Molly will be working with Mark Hapka [Nathan].

It's funny he mentioned the younger stories playing more because there really hasn't been much change in direction. We're in July now and we aren't seeing people like Will or Mia anymore then they we have been and he claims by the end of summer that things will shift again. I know Corday sucks with timelines but the whole show is younger so I don't get the whole shift in direction thing LOL. Really excited about the big climax with the baby switch. They've done so well building that story up so if they execute the end as well as they have the story thus far, it will be amazing. I think we all have our ideas on how Ari will be written out. I'm sure it won't be permanent. Don't know how one gets that idea. The show clearly loves her. I see potential for Bo/Hope/Carly/Dan. I would refer putting Justin in there but SC does have chemistry with KA and I can see him having chemistry with CC. This could work and Daniel is much better away from Chloe. Love his comment about Molly Burnett. She really is great and the character has become even better the way she is being written recently. I love her and Nathan already with what little we've seen of them.

The article concludes by saying that overall, Corday is happy with Days now, and Corday says he was "especially thrilled with the performances and writing for Grace's death".

Corday should realize the show is working because, for the most part, he and Higley are not involved. Let's hope that stays that way. I agree with him on Grace's death. That was fantastic work all around.

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