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Well, it's not a stretch that he is an attorney. I mean, he was involved in business and Kiriakis affairs. Maybe he just wanted to use his knowledge and become a lawyer. People change careers all the time nowadays. With Justin, it's not as drastic as it's been with other characters on Days and other soaps.

However, if they just make him into another Mickey only with Kiriakis in his name instead of Horton, then that just makes this suck. I can see if he comes back as an attorney to help the family in some way (it mentions he has something to do with Daniel and Philip so perhaps he defends Daniel and also defends Philip since that Carlo guy dies) but if he sticks around just to be the town attorney beyond that, that doesn't work for me.

Good interview though. I wish they just divorced him and Adrienne. As much as I love them, I wanted more story angles opened up for him but I'm glad I wasn't expecting much with his return because that prevented me from being too disappointed LOL.

Good interview though. He seems excited to be working again and to be back on Days.
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