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Jul 1 2009, 12:30 PM
As far as writing Nicole out...why do people not think Ari might want a life outside DOOL??She has been front and center for almost two years,perhaps SHE is ready to take time with her child...I do not think its out of the realm to say,that she may want to leave.I know for sure she has stated she has wanted a baby for some time..maybe she is done with DOOL as least for awhile..her contract is up in March.I think she is an excellent actress,but honestly she may be wore out??If not,then I look for her to go on the run with the baby...grrrr
I doubt it.

I'm sure she is worn out but she already left once before and the show gives her very meaty material. She seems genuinely happy. I'm sure she will want to spend time with her child but let's remember that Days only tapes 4 days a week and has alot of hiatuses now. If someone like Ali Sweeney can work 2 jobs and make it work, so can Ari. Plus, Days lets people bring their kids to the set. Ali is always bringing Ben so she could bring her's. I'm sure if she wants more time with her child, Days will accommodate her. They clearly love her and they will do anything for you if they aren't sick of you LOL.
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