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Jul 1 2009, 12:41 PM
I would love to know what huge audience CC is bringing from GL. Yes, she is popular and I'm sure she will bring fans but I doubt it will be anything that gets Days above a 2.3 LOL.

Oh, but it might help the ratings. Every little bit helps. That's why he brought in Eric and Galen. He wanted the Passions viewers and got them.

Next, Corday discusses the future of the show. He says that "the most important six months in this history of the show thus far will be September through March of 2010." He says the ratings for those six months will determine "whether we're picked up for another year into March of 2011".

Hah, I won't be helping him in this regard. That's why there's youtube.

I think what this means is that while the show has stopping the bleeding and gained viewers, NBC is pushing for more. I'm not sure there is a number in mind as much as they want to make sure the show isn't just going to fall apart again. They want to make sure it's viable consistently and that what the show has done is not a fluke. In that case, Days better make sure it has good stuff going on at the same time as Carly's return and the big baby switch climax because the show will likely get some sort of boost from both but whether they maintain it or build off it will depend on whatever else is going on too. I feel confident the show will survive on NBC at least until 2011. After that, who knows. So much can happen. I think Days is one show with alot of life left in it, as it has showed this year

The show actually lost viewers. Lots of long-time Days fans have stopped watching for various reasons. That's why he's relying on actors brought on from other shows. And they have helped the ratings, but they only kept the show afloat. The new viewers from the other shows make up for the ones lost.
I'm sure she will help them and I'm sure that was part of their logic in bringing on Galen and Eric.

Yes, Days lost viewers of the vets and some longtime fans but not in the ratings it didn't and that is what counts. The last two years with the vets it hit record lows. This year, it's gotten viewers back on a consistent basis with the occasional bad week here or there. I know some will cite last week's bad numbers but let's remember Days had two days where it was shifted in some markets and preempted altogether in others yet it was still up vs last year where other soaps were down.. The ratings aren't as much affected by casting decisions anymore. They have an affect but not as big as they once did. It's more about the stories and while many don't like Days as it is, it's clear there are just as many who do as well.
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