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Jul 1 2009, 01:38 PM
Jul 1 2009, 12:30 PM
As far as writing Nicole out...why do people not think Ari might want a life outside DOOL??She has been front and center for almost two years,perhaps SHE is ready to take time with her child...I do not think its out of the realm to say,that she may want to leave.I know for sure she has stated she has wanted a baby for some time..maybe she is done with DOOL as least for awhile..her contract is up in March.I think she is an excellent actress,but honestly she may be wore out??If not,then I look for her to go on the run with the baby...grrrr
There has been no indication that AZ will leave...thats just wishful thinking on the part of some fans who can't stand the fact that she carried the show and people like her!

Wore out...let's talk about Ali Sweeney. How has her character been on canvas for 16 YEARS WITHOUT A FUCKIN BREAK? Maybe she took a 5 month one back when she was Stan (but the SL still was hers!) Her current pregnancy SL was a total flop! Almost NO ONE liked the WPP SL, yet we have her (and TPTB) to thank for caving in to her request.

As for SLs, there are numerous ways TPTB can write her out...
-Kidnapping Sydney
-A coma: She does something to rescue Sydney and in the process there's an accident and she's badly injured and goes into a coma
-the ol' still alive SL: she gets killed somehow and has amnesia and come back not knowing her identity...

Point being, I have enjoyed this SL and going to miss AZ being frontburner. It is a good story because she sells it! Its not EJ's story, nor Ejole, Ejami...its really her story. I hope she enjoys her well deserved time off...and comes back to kick ass!LOL

Excuse me,but are you saying I AM suggesting she leave??Or that I want her to leave?I am merely going on what KC said about Nicole being OUT..and I was ASKING not SAYING anything negative about Ari....I said QUITE plainly that Ari is an excellent actress..and that she MAY want to take time with her child..do you KNOW otherwise??And as for ALi Sweeney I fuckin AGREE,I would have MUCH rather her went and visited her damn Mother,than be subjected that stupid ASS WP program story...this story is played out and its time to end it.WAY past time to end it,.And if you READ my post I also CLEARLY state that I think if Ari does not leave for good Nicole will probably steal the baby... and my post had nothing to do with ANY fanbase,I was asking a legitimate question to everyone here I was not being a smartass,I was being sincere in my questioning ..Good Grief!
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