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Jul 1 2009, 01:38 PM

Wore out...let's talk about Ali Sweeney. How has her character been on canvas for 16 YEARS WITHOUT A FUCKIN BREAK? Maybe she took a 5 month one back when she was Stan (but the SL still was hers!) Her current pregnancy SL was a total flop! Almost NO ONE liked the WPP SL, yet we have her (and TPTB) to thank for caving in to her request.

I've been meaning to ask this because I see it batted around a lot.

Did I miss an interview or article somewhere that clearly states TPTB 'caved in' to AS's request to write in her pregnancy?

I recall she mentioned when she announced her pregnancy that she thought it would be easier if it were written in - as it's difficult to hide behind purses, couches, etc. - but that's it. I don't remember seeing anything where she forced the issue, threw a tantrum or otherwise made anyone 'cave in'.

I've seen it mentioned enough times that I thought I'd ask...
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