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Great interviews. Knowing there will be more bantering between Phillip and Mel makes me very happy. I loved their little adventure together, it was the best part or the kidnapping story. I think itīs good they are testing Steph with Nathan as well even when he was cast and is planned to be Melīs love interest. Letīs see who has the best chemistry first.

Mia as bad girl sounds interesting as well. I would love to see more fire in her. Bringing back Mia as love interest for Will was one of the best decision ever because it immediatelly give this teen set so many interesting things to play. Their story has a real weight and is intertwined with the main story as well, itīs not just some random fluffy piece for summer.

I hope GG is not lying and this Emily mystery will really be as interesting as he promises. Iīm definitely intriqued now, especially knowing Emily is dead yet some woman from his past is still coming. Who she is? And how she is connected to Emily? And what Arianna knows about it? Unlike some here I really like Sami and Rafe together. He is exactly the guy she needed.

I feel really sorry for EM. TPTB tries so hard to show there is something between him and Arianna and so far it looks so forced, yet he is perfectly natural and at easy in any scenes with Molly. It has to be frustrating. Fortunatelly for him, I donīt think the show will ever go there. I think Brady is already in the girlīs best friend cathegory and I donīt see any signs Mel is even looking at him that way.
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