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Jul 1 2009, 03:29 PM
I want to freaking kiss Eric Martsolf for what he said about Melanie being 20 years younger than him, opposing to their relationship. I'm glad to see that he sees it as not a good thing. Too bad Jay Kenneth Johnson continues to pimp out the Philip and Melanie pairing.
I don't get this comment at all. WHY would Jay Kenneth Johnson have a problem with a Philip/Melanie pairing when he is dating Shelley(Stephanie) who is 10 years younger than him in real life? That's already confirmed that they are a real life pairing. Molly(Melanie) and Shelley are only ONE YEAR apart in age in real life. So basically, Jay is older than Molly by 11 years. And older than Shelley by 10 years.

If the actor has no issue with dating someone 10 years younger in real life, why would he have an issue with it on tv? LOL.

Plus, Eric(Brady) is about 17 years older than Molly in real life. That's a completely different story. 10 years is not that big of a deal at all. 17-18 years is old enough to be her father. 10/11? Not so much.

Compare the ages here:

And I think Melanie/Philip have the best chemistry together. They are a lot more sparkly and stand out to me.

I'd rather watch Melanie/Philip than Stephanie/Philip who I find to be boring.

Molly Burnett is just a terrific actress who actually makes her character fun and spunky. And Molly/Jay seems to have such an easy going and natural chemistry that stands out to me.

Really, is 10/11 years a big difference? Add the fact that Jay looks incredibly young and handsome.

And those who like Steph/Philip but claim that Melanie is too young for Philip. That makes no sense, Shelley and Molly are only a few months apart in age.

Either way, I'd LOVE to see Philip/Melanie together as a pairing. They would never get boring.

Just my opinion.

And I think Jay and Molly both like Philip/Melanie together because bad boy/bad girl combinations are a lot of fun to portray. And Melanie likes the bad boy side of Philip while Stephanie wants to change him.

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