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Jul 2 2009, 05:25 PM
I would be really amused if all of this rumor and speculation about Jay and Shelley is a ruse designed to pimp the Stephanie/Philip storyline. Days sure is pulling out all of the stops to promote this pair -- the ET story, bubble bath photo shoot, and the weekly updates in SOW and SOD. I notice that Ali and Galen, James and Ari seem to be close friends -- because they work together on a daily basis. Gee, I wouldn't want to speculate that they are having affairs since they are married. It seems to be okay though, to start rumors about people just because they are single. Maybe these two people are actually dating OTHER people and may not appreciate all of this gossip.
That really wouldn't make a whole lot of sense, though, because "the speculation" started way before the Stephanie/Philip storyline did.
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