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Viewing Single Post From: SOD: Do or Die for Days! Ken Corday interview
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If he's tired of answering questions he can, y'know, stop answering questions. Stop being defensive and instead give an interview focused on positivity. Tell me WHY I should be excited that this is now and then is dead.

"I really like Stephanie/Phillip" or "Melanie brings a different flavor" doesn't quite cut it.

It's also stupid to say that and then pimp Bo/Hope and the return of two characters from long, long ago. I hate that level of stupidity.

And if he's not capable of doing that- being publicly decent and keeping his douchebaggery private- he needs to turn it over to the EP, Higley (or whoever), Sweeney- someone who's more capable. He's not a boss in this case, he's their head salesperson. Salespeople rarely do well when they're total dicks.
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