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Monday, July 6th
Chloe is rushed to the hospital; Sami does some research on Emily; Arianna is promoted to manager of the Brady pub; Max says his good-byes and leaves for London.

Tuesday, July 7th
Nicole finds Stefano indoctrinating Sydney into the DiMera way of life; Chad tells Will that he's Mia's boyfriend; Rafe and Sami argue about Emily again; Brady and Arianna are irritated that Melanie lured them both to the cabin; EJ gives Nicole a gift.

Wednesday, July 8th
A game of strip poker is played at the Horton cabin; Philip tries to woo Stephanie back; EJ senses sympathy for Sami from Nicole and gets angry; Will tells Chad to back off of Mia, but Chad has other ideas.

Thursday, July 9th
Philip tells Victor to back off of Stephanie; Brady tells Arianna he's a recovering addict; Melanie and Nathan hit it off; Nicole tells EJ that she's worried Stephanie will reveal his part in the kidnapping; Bo counsels Philip over his breakup.

Friday, July 10th
Sami asks Rafe to move in with her; Kate continues her plot to kill Chloe and frame Daniel; Stephanie meets Nathan; Melanie tells Brady that she's going to help Stephanie and Philip reconnect; Stephanie asks Philip not to call her again.
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