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The proposed set for the new Pyramid actually doesn't suck. There have been pictures on some of the game show sites try the buzzer blog http://buzzerblog.flashgameshows.com/ as it was a previous news item. It looks very much like the set that was used when Dick Clark hosted the $25,000 and $100,000 versions in the 1980s.

Win Lose or Draw used to use a good number of soap people especially on the version that aired on NBC daytime, which was first hosted by Bert Convy and then Vicki Lawrence. Unfortunately GSN didn't have access to those episodes and only ran part of the syndicated version.

Password Plus/Super Password are fun. The one thing I wish Super Password would have done that Password Plus did was with Alphabetics. I liked how if a celebrity screwed up and gave a double clue, that the contestant would only be docked $1,000 if they got that and the rest of the answers. So instead of getting $900, which is what would happen in the Super Password show, they would get $4,000 instead of $5,000 on Password Plus if they got them all.

The show I wish GSN would get from the 80s is Wordplay which aired after Super Password for a year or two. That or episodes of the CBS run of Ray Combs Family Feud, where the supremacy of TPIR team is hilarious and how Y&R tends to beat all the other CBS soaps.
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