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Yeah I am a little surprised that Stefano wants to break up Sami and Rafe?? Why??? I mean, if Sami is with Rafe then she is away from EJ...is that not what Stefano wanted and has always wanted for the most part, Sami away from EJ??? This does not make any sense whatsoever!

I happen to like Philip and Melanie. I think they have great chemistry and they give off sparks all the time. I loved Daniel and Chelsea and never thought Daniel was too old for Chelsea so of course I am not going to think that Philip is too old for Melanie either. I think Philip and Melanie are more interesting to watch then Philip and Stephanie personally.

I am so sick of the Danloe storyline. I get that Kate wants revenge but omg. Just get the revenge and end this couple! Also, wasn't Lucas supposed to have remembered the affair like...a month ago now???? He still does not remember?

All in all, I loved last July. This July is just crap. And yet the ratings are still in third...has anyone yet to figure out why or how???
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