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I going with the others saying that this is too much. Grant it I will probably end up having the service on. Mainly now because there will be nothing else on to watch. But this is really getting out of hand. I feel like everyone from the news media, promoters, people who got tickets selling them on EBAY all the way to his family are now trying to cash in on the man's death. People have been riding on his coattails for years. It is pretty clear that he needed help and no one would bothered to tell him "no" because they didn't want to rock the boat.

We have three cable news channels along with E!, MTV, and VH1 that could (and probably will) air it. And for those people that don't have cable, put it on local PBS stations which you can get without cable. There is no reason the main ABC, CBS and NBC needs to air the exact same thing others are. For their part this is all about ratings and not wanting to be the ones left out.

Sorry for the rant, but really enough is enough with this.
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Days nationally preempted on Tuesday (7/7) · DAYS: News, Spoilers & Discussion