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You know what gets me? The state of California is having to cough up money to help pay for this tribute, most notably the extra police protection and security that will be necessary. Los Angeles is operating at a $500 million deficit! Our education system is getting hit the hardest, with larger classrooms, less teachers, no librarians, no after school programs, no summer school programs, etc, etc... and yet Los Angeles/California is now expected to help cover these costs.

Where are they going to come up with the money? Heck maybe we should just close to the doors to the entire school system for a few months. :drunk:

There are much better ways to have a tribute to a man who most likely OD'd on a nasty mix of pain meds, that won't fall upon a state that is already struggling to stay afloat financially, with our children getting hurt the most.

Now don't get me wrong, I was an MJ fan, especially of his early work, and I understand he had a huge impact on the entertainment world, but this to me is not being able to see the forest for the tree.

Rant off lol
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