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Jul 6 2009, 03:45 PM
Jul 6 2009, 02:52 PM
I like Chloe and Bjorlin isn't the greatest actress, but I can tolerate her. I would like to see her remain on the show, but they need to get her away from Daniel. It's not working for me. I would have much rather watched a triangle between Lucas, Chloe and Philip rather than this bullshit. At least Bjorlin and Jay Kenneth Johnson have chemistry together.
I actually think having Lucas and Chloe in a triangle with Daniel worked better for the storyline. With the history of health problems Chloe has, Daniel is the perfect third wheel. He always has a reason to be around!
Except Daniel has already been with two other former patients. Plus, this would be the third guy Chloe has dated/slept in a short amount of time (fourth if you count Brady). I was not a Phloe fan, but I admit a triangle that made more sense would be Chloe between Philip and Lucas and not keeping adding characters for her to sleep with.

What is probably the most frustrating other then the porno breast exam is that when Lucas was brought in, he was clearly the 3rd wheel. Chloe had found out her missing husband was in drug rehabilitation (not that she looked hard for him) and asked for a divorce. She ran to Philip who immediately started things back up, but then wound up getting pushed aside for Morgan. I'm sure that hurt her self esteem. Lucas had his own issues with finding Sami now in bed with EJ and trying to get back into life. It was clear from the getgo that their tryst was a means to boost each of their egos and honestly there isn't anything necessarily wrong in that. It's not like they were cheating on anyone.

But then the show decided it made perfect sense to have them a) move in together b) have clumsy Chloe attempt to be stepmom of the year and c) Lucas has to propose marriage to everyone woman who sleeps with him and ask Chloe to marry him. Chloe's own acceptance of his proposal made no sense. She is a beautiful woman who just saw a promising marriage end disastrously. Why would she think a guy she has lukewarm feelings for be easier to live with? Her attraction to Daniel began to manifest itself in that time, and I think any shrink would tell you it's not so much about attraction or love for Daniel that is drawing her to him, it's the fact she knows she doesn't want to be Lucas, but was too chicken to tell him.

Daniel going after Chloe made him look bad again, not just because she's his 3rd patient he was attracted to but there is no reason for him to remain in Salem anyway. What is it about this non surfing town that keeps him there? He has no family. He doesn't have any lifelong friends that are residents there. It can't be because Salem General is some kind of tabernacle of medical achievement, countless patients who have died there have popped right back up very much alive sometimes just days later. After watching him chase a nearly pubescent girl, then get it with her grandma, are we really to applaud him for coveting after the fiancee of the son/uncle of his former girlfriends? Doesn't he have more dignity then that?

I hate triangles but I admit they can serve a useful function if the story is right. A good triangle will either allow the two rivals to be equal in the girl's affection or make it easier to root for the "good guy" to win over the "bad". We've really got nobody rootable here. Daniel and Chloe look like orange pornrabbits in their fantasies while Lucas being the ignorant tool is so very tired.
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