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Jul 6 2009, 08:06 PM
you people are so disrespectful towards the dead wheather you like him or not he is dead leave
him alone and let him rest in peace soap opreas will be on the next day where they left off it
is only right for him to have a proper send off because michael jackson was a good man
and he deserves to rest in peace stop dissing the man when he cant defend himself to me
thats disrespectful towards his family and children they deserve to say goodbye the right way
its what michael would have wanted to see everyone who loved him to say goodbye oh and bye the way he is not a freak he is and always will be the king of pop
Disrespectful towards the dead? Just because some of us couldn't care less about him we're disrespectful? I think it's pathetic that when a person die he or she is turned in to a saint. I never cared about Jackson when he was alive and I don't care about him now.

Yes his family deserve to say goodbye and the funeral is if I have understand correctly private so no one is stoping them. This service today is for the public and I think it's annoying that it will take up so much time and be on many channels.
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