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Jul 6 2009, 10:43 PM
This is for everyone who had something rude, negative, and disrespectful toward the coverage of Michael Jackson's funeral.

I can not believe you people. I do not know how you all could feel missing 1 day of the show for someones funeral is so horrible. Michael Jackson IS and always will be the BEST entertainer the world has seen. No one can compare to him. His death is huge for the world. How you all could be so insensitive to that is beyond me. Respect the man. Stop being shallow individuals. I like watching days too but damn 1 day and I will survive. If you all have lives that revolve around a damn soap opera then you are sad people who need help. Talking about the overtime for LAPD and they do not do their jobs then who is going to keep the inevitable crowd at bay. Even when the family has their private memorial you think LAPD wont be there keep the fans at bay. You people need lives DAYS is a soap. Its not real. You will not die from missing 1 day so build a bridge and get over it. Rest In Peace MJ King of Pop FOREVER!!! You will be missed by SO many. But you live on in your kind spirit and in you wonderful music. Prayers for the family and especially the children :soapbox: :pray: :'(
We are sad people because our lives revolve around a damn soap opera? No they don't. But some peoples lives seem to revolve around a dead person, that is pathetic.

I think it's funny that you have never posted here before, you actually joined today. Was it just to attack us that don't worship a dead man?
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