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I have to agree with those who say this is a media circus. Who's going to foot the bill for this enormous "memorial service"? LA? The state of California? Isn't California sending IOU in lieu of checks to their vendors? I mean seriously.

I was a fan of MJ back in the day, no doubt he was a phenominal entertainer, but we've had days and days of constant coverage. Enough already!! Apparently, not so......... I do, however, reserve the right to my own opinions of the twists and turns his life took, as does everyone on here. I won't get into that though, this board isn't about all that.

I feel bad for his family and for their loss, and I feel THEY should be able to mourn and have their service as they would wish.

I just hope once this memorial service is over the media will MOVE ON and let the family mourn their loss and let the man rest in peace!!

None of my opinions in this post have one iota to do with whether or not Days airs or not. I really could care less. I'm on vacation and haven't been watching this week anyway, got the DVR for that. I don't think most folks who are voicing frustrations on here are doing so because Days is pre-empted, they're doing it because of the media circus that has been created and we've been subjected to for two weeks now.

Off the soapbox.... :soapbox:
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