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Now don't come whoopin' my ass at the grocery store cause I picked on your fav on here!

Kate has always been meddlesome. If she wasn't meddlesome she wouldn't be much of anything. I think the only time I ever liked kate was when they were going to have her and John Black hook up. At least then she did something else besides stick her head up Lucas' ass. So tired of her. It really isn't realistic at all.

Kate's reactions aren't realistic, neither is Chloe and Lucas relationship in the first place. Who cares about the whole damn thing? Maybe for once, she'll get caught and pay for all the stupid crap she's pulled over the years.

Can't stand Kate and can hardly stand Lucas and for that matter don't care much for Chloe either. So I really couldn't care less about the whole s/l. Get it over with.

That's my opinion anyway.

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