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Jul 7 2009, 12:43 PM
Jul 7 2009, 12:16 PM
Wow, reading the comments that the posters on soapnet posted over there....does ANYBODY like Philip/Stephanie as a couple???LMAO.
There were only 17 comments total. Eight of them discussed Philip and Stephanie. Out of those eight, six were negative and two positive. So, although you implied all the comments about Philip and Stephanie were negative, they were not. I am not a Philip and Stephanie fan, but I hardly think that eight comments on an Internet board somehow represent the preferences of a majority of the actual viewing audience. All message boards are unreliable indicators of actual popularity. They represent only a small portion of the audience and only that portion of the audience interested enough to go online and post about the show and/or their favorites. Not to mention the people who create multiple users names to create the impression of bigger fanbases. I'm sure the show knows better than to rely on message boards; they have other resources at their command, including but not limited to mail, phone calls, and surveys to determine which stories and couples are working and which are not.
Well, to be honest ,I read the comments the other day when the OP posted the link. When I read the comments all of them WERE negative. If you look on page 2 of the comments, you will see for yourself that ALL of the comments about Philip and Stephanie were about them having no chemistry,etc. And since page 1 are the newer comments,I didn't read them yet, when I posted. I was actually going to post those comments on here the other day, but I had to leave, so I didn't get a chance. That's why I posted about the comments yesterday.As a matter of fact, if you look at the very last post on page 1 of the comments on the soapnet page, you will see that a poster named Barbara said this: Everyone's comments about Phillip & Stephanie were right on..NO chemistry. Love scenes looked awkward and uncomfortable. Phillip's hot...she's done! So see she basically said the same thing I did when she used the phrase "Everyone's comments".
In any case, you say you are not a fan of Philip/Stephanie, but man were you quick to defend them! Just sayin'...
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