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Jul 8 2009, 11:16 AM
In any case, you say you are not a fan of Philip/Stephanie, but man were you quick to defend them! Just sayin'...
ROFL. If you have any doubts about the legitimacy of my anti-Philip and Stephanie stance, feel free to check my post history. You'll find I have posted many times that I dislike them together and feel they have zero sexual or physical chemistry. What I don't like is people minimizing and marginalizing those who do like a couple by claiming they have no fans and nobody likes them, and that goes for any couple. Feel free to have the opinion that any couple is unlikeable/has no chem/is boring/is disgusting/whatever, but to suggest that Internet comments somehow represent the majority opinion of the entire DOOL viewing audience and that any couple is fan-less because their fans don't post heavily in their favor is what I have a problem with.

ETA: I should add that I do feel it is legitimate to ask whether a couple has fans. I've done that myself with Lucas and Chloe because I can think of only one person I've ever seen post on here (which is not to say, on all message boards) that he or she likes them. But that's different from extropolating that a couple has no fans because people aren't posting about them. For all I know Burbank is flooded with pro-Lucas and Chloe mail. I wouldn't understand why, but I just have no way of knowing how popular Lucas and Chloe really are off the boards.
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