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EJ and the mysterious Meredith question Sami's faith in Rafe this week.

"At this point, Sami isn't really listening to what EJ has to say. Obviously, with all that's gone on between them, she doesn't trust his judgement," says Alison Sweeney.

EJ stirs the pot when he freaks out over Sami's decision to move in Rafe and asks how well she knows him. "Sami defends Rafe to EJ. If anything, the fact that EJ doesn't like Rafe just encourages Sami."

Despite EJ's misgivings, he agrees to drop the custody battle for Johnny. "Sami is overjoyed," says AS. "Her No. 1 concern is Johnny and how this would affect him."

Sami returns home and plans to share the good news with Rafe, who has just burned the newspaper clipping about Emily's death. They start unpacking Rafe's things when Sami finds a ring. "Sami finds the ring, and she does think it is for her, but only for an instant," explains AS. "As soon as she sees Rafe's face, she realizes it was Emily's." Rafe claims that Emily is in the past and goes on to prove it by sweeping Sami up and carrying her into the bedroom.

Later, Sami goes to the park to pick up Johnny from EJ. She ends up bumping into Nicole and thanks her for convincing EJ to drop the custody battle. A guilty Nicole accidentally admits they both lost baby girls, but covers by talking about Sydney's near-death experience.

"Sami is facing a world without her daughter, and the loss of Grace is never far from her thoughts," notes Sweeney. "That distracts her from paying attention to any clues to Nicole's inner turmoil, and opens her up to the idea of having a truce with Nicole. Sami's priorities are very different now."

Later, Rafe sends Sami to set up a picnic for the two of them at a secret place. When she arrives she sees a distraught Meredith. "Sami approaches Meredith to find out why a woman is sobbing in the woods," says AS.

Meredith calls out the name 'Emily' and "obviously, the name Emily means something to Sami, but it isn't until Meredith reveals more information that it hits her. It's the same Emily that Rafe was engaged to, says Sweeney. "Meredith reveals that she hates Emily's ex."

When Rafe shows up, Sami gives him the opportunity to tell her that he has been to this place before, as Sami found out from Meredith. He doesn't say anything and makes Sami suspicious. She is definitely aware and concerned about the Rafe and Emily story and wondering what he is keeping from her.
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