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Jul 3 2009, 10:02 PM
Jul 1 2009, 02:03 PM
Jul 1 2009, 10:21 AM
My definition of domestic bliss would hardly include having just buried one child - and losing access to another.

But hey...maybe that's just me. :unsure:
Yeah,nothing says"domestic bliss"like ignoring your alive children to boink you boring ass,lame ex-bodyguard..oh the drama!!! :drunk:
What makes you think she is ignoring them ? Ali splits her time with Lucas/Chloe, and whatever babysitter is around.. And she spends as much time with Ali, as EJ does with Sydney.. Probably more sinse Nicole is always with the baby.

Johnny has been taken from her.. And will is a grown Teenager, Even if he were not angry with her He would not want to spend his free time with his mom.. Teens rarely do so she is not depriving him, He I believe is staying with Lucas now anyway.. Should Sami just shut herself away in a dark room when she has a man there who loves her?

I think its rediculous that Sami is being judged for being happy with the man she loves.
I certainly never saw any outcry from Ejami's when Sami was living With EJ even AFTER the annullment, Or the fact that the babies were in the house during their one night of boinking with a man who has "hurt" her in the past.. Then she wasnt ignoring her kids.. It was all perfctly fine..

Can we say .... Double Standard ????????????

Oh and he is much more than her "Ex bodyguard".. He is the Man she loves, and she is not ashamed to admit it.
Taelyn, as an Ejami fan I don't think how Sami is behaving is all that horrible, nor do I believe Rafe is this terrible person. When you compare the laundry list of all Sami's men's transgressions, Rafe's are pretty trivial.
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