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Jul 8 2009, 09:37 PM
Jul 7 2009, 03:49 PM
Jul 7 2009, 01:07 PM
Soaps.com spoilers

The week of July 13:

Chloe finds Kate's scarf at Daniel's place and thinks he's dating another woman.

EJ reluctantly drops the custody battle with Sami!

While Will and Mia have a date, Chad probes Kinsey about them.

Philip tries to work things out with Stephanie and kisses her passionately.

Nathan invites Melanie out to dinner.

Thursday July 16:
Daniel hands in a letter of resignation to the hospital.

Friday July 17:
Sami thanks Nicole by hugging her and the women declare truce!!


Actually sounds pretty good! Glad EJ is dropping the custody battle. Means he still loves Sami =)
Too funny. I read it to mean that he dropped it because he loves Nicole and she convinced him.
The last thing EJ is doing nowadays is loving Sami....just my humble little non-biased opinion, of course. ;)
I agree. Well...I agree that it's got more to do with Nicole than Sami. I don't know about love. Nicole is the one that has been bugging him about dropping it from the beginnng. He and Sami aren't interacting, and he doesn't seem to be thinking too much about her other than how unconcionable everything she does is while everything he does is so lily white pure.
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