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Dr. Chip

Jul 12 2009, 06:44 PM
Dr. Chip
Jul 12 2009, 06:09 PM
Thanks for sharing the interview. Patsy Pease is my all-time favorite actor.
I loved her so much back in the day. The only downside is I'm old enough to remember "they day" LOL :)

Thinking back, I think Kimberly was my favorite Brady along with Wayne Northrup's Roman. IMO she was the best actress who played a Brady sibling so maybe that's why.

I'll never forget the scene where Kimberly was blind and Emma started torturing her. Such classic stuff.
I enjoyed everything Kimberly did after the show dropped the idea of pairing her with Tony (except for most of the Cal Winters mess).

Still remember the Miami storyline with Victor, her ignoring Caroline's warnings to stay away from him, her finding out that Caroline and Victor had a child, and her heartache over thinking that she was pregnant by her father, Victor . . . the kidnapping of Andrew . . . the crap from Emma, Eve, Gabrielle . . . escaping Harper Deveraux's knife . . . courting Lawrence to save Bo . . . even the MPD storyline.

I love Deidre Hall and Susan Seaforth Hayes, but both of those actresses have "off" days from time to time. To me, Patsy Pease was always on her A game. I miss Kimberly!!!
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