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Lexie and Abe plan a date

Give them a real storyline for fuck's sake!

Rafe asks Roman why he wants to see Sami.
Rafe makes a revelation.
Rafe is unsettled when he finds out that Sami met with Emily's sister
Rafe tells Sami about his visit to Meredith.
Rafe comforts Sami when she finds out about Chloe's condition

WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT RAFE??!!! He has been on less than a year and he is dominating the screentime and involved in a frontburner storyline. AND he's played by one of the shittiest actors I have ever seen who not only sucks at acting but also sound like a retard when he speaks.

Stefano gets Meredith to talk about her sister's death
Nicole asks Stefano to leave Rafe alone.

How sad is it that Stefano has been reduced to a Rafe-prop? I mean he has been a prop for EJ most of the time since he came back in 2007 but that's more understandable even if I hate it. But Rafeal-fucking-Hernandez?
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