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This week's SOD and SOW each feature an interview with Shawn Christian.

This week, Chloe and Daniel have a heart-to-heart conversation in Maggie's kitchen before their TV show is taped. Shawn Christian tells SOD that "[Daniel's] passion has risen to a fever pitch. He lays his heart on the line and so does she." Chloe tells Daniel she'll leave Lucas for him, and Chloe and Daniel kiss. Then, they go out to tape the show, where Chloe eats a brownie that Kate has poisoned.

Chloe collapses and is rushed to the hospital. Bo and Hope arrive at the TV show to investigate, and they ask that the food from the TV show be tested. When the results come in, they see that the food was laced with poison. Bo searches Daniel's apartment, and he finds a bottle of Glucosystine. Daniel has no idea how it got there, but Daniel remembers that he treated Kate with that drug.

Hope talks with Maggie, Kate and Lexie and learns of Daniel and Chloe's affair.

At the hospital, Daniel finds an antidote and gives it to Chloe. However, Chloe flatlines. Lexie shocks Chloe's heart while, outside her room, "Daniel desperately begs her to live," Christian tells SOW. Christian continues, "There's a moment of silence; then, she's revived."

After this, Bo and Hope question Daniel, and he's shocked to learn that he's a suspect. Hope tells Daniel that they have his signature on the prescription for the drug. Daniel has no idea how that happened; he just wants to get back to Chloe and making sure she gets well.

Hope later asks Daniel about his gift to Chloe and Lucas and about the apple. Christian says Daniel "starts picking up on little clues and realizes Kate is behind this". Christian continues that Daniel knows Kate is "vindictive and will do anything to protect her kids". Daniel also realizes that with Kate, "there's also a sense of jealousy and resentment".

Christian concludes that as the evidence continues to mount and things continue to look worse for Daniel, Daniel "will go to unbelieveable extremes to try to save Chloe's life, and he will do anything and everything to expose Kate as the one who's really trying to kill her."

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