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Dr. Chip

Well, I have to say that Patsy's insight seems a little late in coming. For years, she told fans she wanted to return to DAYS and wished Charlie would go with her. She was disappointed when he returned for nine episodes and she wasn't asked back, too. She has returned every time she has been asked and said one time that she called the show to see if they had any room for her. Even though I don't blame her for being resentful after the treatment she received during her pregnancy, I think "bitter grapes" are a part of this.

After this interview, I doubt she'll be asked back. I appreciate her candor, but who's going to want to see her back now?

Twenty-five years after she started, there are only a few people still there, so I wonder who she's talking about. Suzanne Rogers? Peggy McCay? Josh Taylor? Peter Reckell? Kristian Alfonso? Jim Reynolds? Joe Mascolo? John Aniston? It has to be one of them.

I, too, miss that "spark" that's not there anymore. Something magical happened back then, and I don't think we'll ever see that same magic again. But I still think this group of actors (except Josh Taylor -- I can take him or leave him) is turning out good performances.

Still . . . I love Patsy's Kimberly!
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