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Jul 16 2009, 02:43 PM
Jul 16 2009, 12:16 PM
Well, I read it in a hurry earlier this morning, but if she's talking about when she came back the last time there more people still there.

I agree with what you said about bitter grapes, though. There are some harsh comments, and it seems like some of this would have come out before now from other actors in some form instead of the exact opposite. Plus, I don't know...just because an actor isn't excited on set, doesn't mean they're not happy at home and with their life, you know? I agree about "that spark" to a point, but I've always attributed it to better writing back then and aging.

Sindacco, I agree with you, too. She does sound pretty diva-ish, especially towards the end - in kind of an ironic way.
The last time she came back was for Shawn Sr.'s funeral and she primarily interacted with Peggy McCray, John Aniston, Mary Beth Evans, Stephen Nichols, Peter Reckell, Kristian Alfonzo, and Josh Taylor all of whom were there 20 years ago. So, I presume she was pretty much talking about all of them.

I do agree with her that there is a spark missing that was there 20 years ago, but I think that has a whole lot more to do with much better writing and the fact that they were all 20 years younger then. And, I certainly don't think it means that those who were still on the show (or had returned) were somehow selling their souls or forsaking their own happiness for a paycheck. From everything I've read or heard, MBE, SN, PR, and KA are very happy and active in their lives outside of Days. Maybe they don't get the degree of artistic fulfillment from Days that they did 20 years ago, but so what? I know she tried to backtrack at the end a bit, but it came across as awfully judgmental, IMO.

That said, she's entitled to her opinion and how she views choices made by other people. It does surpise me that she'd keep coming back feeling that way, however.
I tend to agree with you. I am a huge Kim & Shane fan , so I was very excited about the interview. I am disappointed though. Parts one to three, are pretty insightful, but in parts four & five she comes out as bitter and resentful. It's sad the way she was treated back in the 80-90's, but that was twenty years ago, and it seems to me she never really got over it. She says she feels sorry for those who are still there and at the same time she says she is not better then they are. I disagree with that, because you can only feel sorry for someone if you feel you are better or superior. As far as the missing spark, well with the writing these days it's hard to have any. Plus the period she is referring to most of the actors were young and ambitious and probably invested a lot more of themselves into the show. Now for most of them days is just a job and perhaps they invest themselves in other things besides their job. I know MB and KA have their own businesses which they invest into, and SN is writing a play, so where do we see they they have sold themselves to Days for a paycheck. Besides, I watched Mary Beth Evans and Stephen Nichols during their second run and they have done an amazing job, despite the bad writing.

I assume a lot of what she said comes from the paid she feels about mistreated at days, but that doesn't make it ok to insult other actors for decisions they make.
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