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Jul 18 2009, 08:23 AM
OMG....please just end this story. I am a Dansea fan (yes still) and when Danloe first started I was like NOOOOO! But I was like...ok...I will give them a chance and perhaps...maybe...but no. I just could not get on board with them. And just...this storyline could have been written SOOO much better! And now....oh dear God. I hate what it has done to Daniel, taken his balls away basically. I hate that what it has done to Chloe, making her look like a slut and not having a heart. I even hate what they have turned Kate into. I do not like Kate anymore because of what she did to Chelsea but after this......none of what Kate has done in the past year is Kate. And I hate what they are doing to Lucas. Have him being the "idiot" in all of this.

I love Shawn and I know he is just doing his job but honestly.....I just.....I just wish they had a better storyline for him. This is all crap and I just want Danloe to end.

Poor doofas, he doesn't stand a chance with the current batch of hackers... er i mean writers.

I agree, i wish they had a better s/l for daniel, he so needs to stop being pimped as a womanizer, and just be a doctor already. They should have him go into therapy or something because he still clearly hasn't resolved his grief for rebecca.

Poor Chloe, once had beauty and brains, now just boobs and blubbering.

Kate needs to go that asylum, find herself, and come back as Elphaba from Wicked or something.
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