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Jul 17 2008, 02:50 PM
Jul 17 2008, 12:44 PM
Jul 17 2008, 06:09 AM

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LOL Morgan, "good cast"? Seriously? hahaha! Kristen Renton couldn't act to save her life, and that annoying twang has GOT to go. Kill the bitch off.

Sami's a tired character and Ali's maternity leave will be a welcome respite.

Nicole is a superfluous character with no family ties to anyone in Salem and is just unnecessary in the grand scheme of things.

And EJ...there is no redemption for the rapist. Just waste him.
This post makes it very obvious that you're kind of set in whatever ways you think. Even if I strongly disagree with everything, including your hostile hatred of Rentons voice. Talk about a ridiculous argument against her being on the show.

Two things, though.

One: Sami has a pretty large fanbase as is. You cut her from the show and you cut that chunk from the viewing audience. I agree she needs a break, but to get flat out cut would be stupid on epic levels.

Two: Isn't one of the big arguments in this thread being that everyone's got family ties and thus the incest? God damn. You can't have it both ways. Nicole's character has become quite fleshed out and has had some dimension added to it. There are plenty of ways to go with her story with EJ and Trent. She's not related to anyone, so isn't that a GOOD thing? God damn.

Also EJ's rape isn't any different from Victor sleeping with Kimberly back when she did so to try and save Shane. Kim didn't want him, but she did so to save her love. I thought the rape was a dead issue since Sami and EJ have had that talk about it where they both settled the issue. Both EJ and Sami are rapists, what makes Sami any different?
No difference they are both rapist but I sure as hell wouldn't marry my rapist! :huh: I mean what would they reminisce about! :puke: EJ n Sami just don't make it as a couple, sorry! :sleep: The do better hating each other and plotting how to get revenge on each other. The endgame has ended and it's time for the new game in town...SAFE! :makeout: :wub2:
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