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imahrguru, I'm very sorry to hear of your loss. My point was more a criticism of the writers than of the character of Sami, and the fact that Alison Sweeney has to tell us in an interview that Sami still grieves for Grace when sometimes it looks like the show doesn't even remember this character just buried a child. Again, this is a criticism of the writers, not the actors. I think actually it would have been quite easy to explain Sami's interest in Rafe's history and their lovemaking as a way for Sami to push aside the grief in her waking moments. Not being a Sami or Alison Sweeney fan in the least, I acknowledge I don't pick up on subtle cues like you have done, as I don't watch her scenes very attentively. But, even though I think it's quite possible for me to fanwank that Sami is indeed still grieving over Grace and is trying to fill her days with activities that let her not have a breakdown, the writing simply isn't there in my opinion.
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