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Jul 19 2009, 04:28 PM
Jul 8 2009, 05:49 PM
Jul 8 2009, 05:45 PM
Despite EJ's misgivings, he agrees to drop the custody battle for Johnny. "Sami is overjoyed," says AS. "Her No. 1 concern is Johnny and how this would affect him."

I'm glad she clarified. I thought Sami's No. 1 concern was banging Rafe. It certainly isn't grieving over Grace (who?).

Thanks for posting, Angie!
When I lost my baby, I slept with my husband more than ever. I needed to feel close with him more than ever and was quite assertive about it. It's an intense need. You feel very much alone when you lose a child. Then I tried to clean everything in the house top down, inside out, just to keep myself from crying. I'd go a day or two without crying and then start all over again. I had times when I could laugh and smile with my friends and then feel guilty in the seclusion of the bathroom for feeling any joy at all and cry all over again. It's just a mix of emotions.

I didn't think that at all about Sami. There are plenty of moments when Sami gets quiet and thinks of Grace. Rafe made her feel safe when she felt most alone. For TV, I think it would start to get dull to see every scene with her crying her eyes out. I think that is why her hair has been disheveled and without makeup for the last several weeks. The scene with Nicole is the first time I've seen her with clean hair.
I understand what you are saying and sorry for your lose. When you go through something as devastating as losing a child you look for that, even for a minute of comfort, whether physical or emotional.

Rafe and Sami both had this child they loved and bonded together and now they have to try to get beyond the pain of losing her and see if there is more to their relationship. This storyline is very realistic to me, sad but realistic.

Sami looking at the picture of Grace and knowing that all of them wouldn't be together showed where Sami's head was, IMO. I also wonder just how much is left on the editing floor especially if there is a circumstance to be written in.
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