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Monday, August 3rd
Lucas thinks Daniel is trying to frame Kate; Rafe comforts Sami when she finds out about Chloe's condition

It's nice to see that Lucas finally becomes involved in his own affair storyline.

Did I miss the episode when Sami actually started caring about Chloe? Why does she need comforting after hearing about Chloe's condition?

Tuesday, August 4th
Arianna almost gets caught with drugs

I knew Arianna was involved in drugs somehow. Now I'm left to wonder if she's a former addict, or the person she's talking to over the phone is a drug dealer boyfriend or something. Either way, I'm interested.

Wednesday, August 5th
Kate is shaken by her attraction to Daniel

Seriously?! We're going back to Daniel and Kate? That didn't work then and it won't now. Leave it alone!

Friday, August 7th
Kate and Lucas reconcile; Lexie and Abe get good news.

I'm glad to see Lucas forgives Kate so quickly. I'm tired of his constant taking the side of the woman over Kate. Usually, Kate is in the wrong, but this time she's not and Lucas needs to realize that this time Kate was doing this for Lucas and not out of hatred for Chloe...well not all just becaues of hatred for Chloe.

I bet Theo's autism is cured. :lol:
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