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Nicole and Brady bond; Rafe comforts Sami when she finds out about Chloe's condition

Oh yah, I'm sure Sami is just completely torn up. She just wants some sex, and she knows she'll get it every time she's upset. I wanna see a Bracole reunion already. I was hoping they'd hook back up during the black market baby storyline.

Hope questions Kate; Arianna almost gets caught with drugs

There is no way they're going to catch Kate yet. We're not that lucky. I'll just keep fast-forwarding her as usual. Arianna with drugs is the first time I've been interested in anything to do with her. Still think she's an undercover of some sorts though.

Kate is shaken by her attraction to Daniel; Bo tells Arianna that Brady will be trouble.

What is with Bo being the dating police? Shouldn't he have some vision to keep him busy? Kate is a psychopath.


Nicole tells Sami that E.J. changed Grace's headstone; Stefano says goodbye to Meredith; Mia makes a revelation to Will; Melanie asks Nathan for another chance; Stephanie has a conversation with Roman.

WTF? He probably changed her last name to Dimera. Sure to piss Sami off some more. Wonder if this is the end of Meridith? Doubtful. I hope Mia told Will about giving her baby to Nicole!!! What does Stephanie have to talk to Roman about? And Melanie and Nathan... this better be good.

Lexie and Abe get good news.

Oh, hey, I remember them...

Overall, I think it actually sounds like a good week. Finally.

Thanks for posting Angie!

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