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Sami should have told the babys Father the truth.,.she has no qualms about her SON with Ej living in the house with Stefano..I think what ole Rafe did was cowardly..how would he feel if someone tried to adopt one of his kids away from HIM<without knowlege of it..I watched Monday..with my hubby..he as well as I think Rafe is a boring goober,and we actually laughed outloud,at his performance..and NOT in a good way.Blackmailing for sex,,that was the genius of Hogan Sheffer...thanks alot you hack!So,,if we need heroes,I would have suggested we KEPT John,Steve,Nick and Tony...thats who people want to see..not some model who cannot act..and in the end for me,its ABOUT the acting..I do not like just pretty faces,when James Scott came on I went,oh great another pretty boy,,but boy did he prove me wrong..I want talent..not someone who got their job,cause their old boss is the head cheese now..not buying him,,and I HATE the show right now
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