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Rafe fesses up to Sami about his fiancee Emily's tragic death this week.

"Rafe knows he has to tell Sami something, so she'll let it go," says Galen. "But he can't tell her everything."

The revelation is set in motion when Sami returns home from grilling Emily's sister, Meredith for information. Rafe knows that Sami is hiding something and that she has been trying to find out what happened. He confronts her and they get into it. Sami points out that she knows nothing about him. She tells him her life story and tells Rafe it is his turn.

Rafe decides to come clean about Emily. Sami is the first woman he has been in a relationship with since Emily's accident, so it's the first time he has to deal with talking about what happened. "He gives Sami what he hopes will be enough to quell her desire for information and appease her." He explains that on they day he and Emily were supposed to be married, he crashed their car and she was killed. "It's not something he likes to talk about. It's too difficult," points out GG. "That's why Rafe locked it away." He tells Sami he had nightmares after the accident and that he blames himself for it.

Rafe then leaves to clear his head. There is still emotional baggage there and reasons he can't tell Sami certain things. It's pretty heavy.

Later, they reconcile. Sami reveals she met with Emily's sister, which is unsettling to Rafe. "It's like the past is coming back to haunt him," says GG. "What the hell is Meredith doing back in town? She had supposedly moved away. It doesn't make any sense."

Rafe tracks Meredith down and it's a tense situation. They haven't really spoken since Emily's funeral. Meredith believes that Emily's death is Rafe's fault; that he killed her. Rafe tries to explain that it was an accident and that he is sorry for what happened. He says he understands why she would hate him.

However, Rafe won't tolerate Meredith trying to mess with his new life with Sami. "As horrible as Rafe feels about having lost Emily, at a certain point, life goes on," says GG. Emily would want him to live his life and move on. He tells Meredith that he's not going to feel guilty for being with Sami and he won't let her ruin it.

Later, Rafe tells Sami he went to see Meredith and admits that the does still feel guilty for causing Emily's death. Sami tells him to hold onto Emily in his heart, but move on. They make love. "Rafe realizes life is short. He loves Sami and wants to be with her, " notes GG.

Yet he's still troubled about his past and how it might affect his future with Sami. "There's definitely more to the story of Emily's death, and he knows Sami is not one to let things go," points out GG. "Plus, Meredith is in town and she's a loose cannon. So things are going to get complicated."

To make matters worse, Rafe doesn't know that Stefano is the one who brought Meredith to Salem is is pushing her to tell Sami that Rafe killed Emily.....

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