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Stacy makes it clear to Rex and Gigi that shes holding all the cards when she tells them shes pregnant.

Gigi reacts emotionally to the news. She has trouble breathing, she hyperventilates. There are a few tears, but its mostly that she is so mad that he lied and that this is how shes finding out. It takes all she has not to strangle both of them. Instead, she vandalizes the apartment and tells them both to shut up and leave. Then she runs into Schuyler and realizes that he knew and didnt tell her, recounts Farah Fath. Two guys in her life have let her down and its especially devastating.

The whole time Rex has been letting Gigi grovel at his feet for her mistakes, never admitting his own. He continues to blame Gigi, and Gigi takes the blame. Rex never says hes sorry.
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