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Jul 23 2009, 10:22 AM
Looks like the week in Rafe. And is it me or does every time Sami and Rafe fight or have the slighest arguement they end up in bed..... If they dont like each other some is really wrong here.. I like Rafe just as much as the next and Sami too. But come on, they cant stay in bed all the time, can they? LOL LOL LOL :peek: :peek: :peek: :wow: And would someone tell me why hes not got a job or still working the construction job he had before Grave died?
Yeah, hope we get some background on Rafe and they do have sex alot :laugh: but you gotta admit as hot :wub2: as he is I'd be jumpin' his bones every second of every day maybe even twice a day :jedi: I'm luvin' the break up make up sex :makeout: All I can say is he must be a stallion in bed! :cheer: But I think once they get married the sex should slow down :laugh: As far as the construction job goes IDK if he still has it or not but I do recall him telling Ari that it was temporary just so he'd have something to put down on Grace's adoption papers as a job. So I'm thinking he probably quit cause I'm sure being in the FBI he's probably got a butt load of money saved, especially since he was all about work back then.
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