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Jul 23 2009, 07:02 AM
Glad too that Gigi is pissed off. The other day when I was watching them I was getting pissed at Gigi being all "I'm sorry" and Rex at one point basically blaming her for everything even when she confronted him about sleeping with Stacy.

I personally like Schuyler/Gigi. I have never cared for Rex and don't get why there are women (Adrianna, Gigi, Stacy) fighting over him.
Agreed. Gigi has a right to be be upset. All this time she has been apologizing and Rex has been saying he forgives her or there is nothing to forgive because she did it for Shane. Now the truth that he slept with Stacy is out and he wants to cover his ass by blaming Gigi for everything. Gigi asked Rex point blank if he slept with Stacy and he lied because he did not want to lose what he just got back. Rex should of known the truth would come out and the results would be worse. Gigi might have forgiven him if he confessed the first time but I doubt she will forgive him now.

Schuyler on the otherhand has been trying to tell Gigi but he too did not want to see her hurt. It was not Schuiyler's lie to tell but I understand Gigi being disappointed in him.

I am honestly conficted on who Gigi should end up with and it is why I look forward to the triangle.
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