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Jul 23 2009, 09:41 PM
Jul 23 2009, 08:54 PM
It always comes back to EJ, doesn't it. I'll never understand why so many try to defend a character to EJ fans by saying some variation on "EJ's not an upstanding citizen." Nope, he isn't, and that's what draws a lot of his fans to him. People who'd support two people like EJ and Sami probably don't consider the qualities that Rafe has to offer all that great in a soap character. DR is probably the most anti "any Sami relationship" board out there, so it's definitely not overrun with ejamis and Rafe still isn't getting much love here.
applause for the above.

I'm an EJ fan and lord knows they've douched him in the past year and a half so there isn't much to root for in a witty and charming villian anymore. I care for my characters to have some complexity to them and at the very least, Dena and Co have destroyed that about every character on screen in her reign. Why I keep hanging on to the show is unexplainable since for this fan there isn't much to root for. Show, why can't I quit you?

The thing I don't understand is why people think that Sami is such a good girl? I don't mean to start any argument, this is a genuine request. The Sami that I've known forever is not a hero and I agree with whoever said that she is at her most annoying when she is happy over a man.
I don't get it either. She's not at her must sneaky right now, but she's done plenty of lying, sneaking around, snooping, etc. She's not going to be sainted any time soon, and she's definitely still annoying.
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