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As one who is looking at EJ from a new direction since I have not watched the show for over a year until recently, there is a definite change going on here.

I will say the fiery chemistry of EJ and Sami does not show up in Rafe and Sami, but the way I have seen Sami and EJ in the few scenes I do not see it existing with them anymore either. I find the acting of James Scott to be rather bland, but I also see it being caused by the ridiculous character he is now playing. To see him played like a brook trout ( very easy fish to land) by Nicole and Stefano makes him seem more wooden than others are accusing Rafe of being.

I almost wonder if Tomlin is bringing on more and more Passions actors to use as a way to push both James Scott and Ali Sweeney to the outer fringes of Days. Theresa was always a Sami-like character.
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