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Viewing Single Post From: TVGC: Galen Gering discusses Days and James E. Reilly

Jul 23 2009, 09:59 PM
As one who is looking at EJ from a new direction since I have not watched the show for over a year until recently, there is a definite change going on here.

I will say the fiery chemistry of EJ and Sami does not show up in Rafe and Sami, but the way I have seen Sami and EJ in the few scenes I do not see it existing with them anymore either. I find the acting of James Scott to be rather bland, but I also see it being caused by the ridiculous character he is now playing. To see him played like a brook trout ( very easy fish to land) by Nicole and Stefano makes him seem more wooden than others are accusing Rafe of being.

I almost wonder if Tomlin is bringing on more and more Passions actors to use as a way to push both James Scott and Ali Sweeney to the outer fringes of Days. Theresa was always a Sami-like character.
If he is, then he deserves to be fired. This is Days of our Lives, not Passions 2.0.

That said, I do not think this is the case. James and Ali do have huge fan followings and NBC would be nuts to tamper with that (then again, this IS NBC we're talking about here... lol)

To me, Bryan and Ali will always have the best chemistry, but I am liking the Safe story. As for Galen's acting being wooden in the last several years of Passions, I think the acting of the Days cast was pretty bad during Reilly's last go-round. It all depends on whether or not you believe in the material you're performing.
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