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Jul 24 2009, 12:36 AM
Jul 23 2009, 08:46 PM
Jul 23 2009, 08:40 PM
Thanks for the Interview, I really enjoyed it.

The simple truth is, many Ejami fans will always find fault with Rafe simply because he stands in the way of what they want. They might blame their vitriol on different things, He is boring, He cant act, He threatened to leave Sami, ETC.. But his real crime is ... He is not EJ.

I happen to agree that He has definate "Hero quality" I saw it even before they paired them up with Sammi.
Its funny to me how anyone can get so worked up and angry over a character that's worst crime isnt even in the same neighborhood as their favorite hunk.. And Rant about what an awful person Rafe is just because he stands up to Sami and refuses to be manipulated by her .. I mean .. How dare he LOL.

Is he keeping a secret from Sami? Yes.. Should he? probably not.. But what important here is his intention, and that is to NOT HURT Sami, And protect his sister..
In my opnion Rafes very worst crime is that "Sami Loves Him".. He has a part of her that EJ has never had , and likely never will.

Its just kinda funny that when it looked like the writing was going in Ejami's direction all I read was "This is the direction they are taking us, and we need to let go of the past and accept it" But now that the direction has changed again, The sky is falling... My My how things change.

Again, Thanks for the interview GG was charming and funny, and it sounds like he and AS are having a great time together, and Im enjoying the SAFE story.
I don't know if I'm one of who you're talking about, but I just wanted to throw out there that I don't think Rafe is a hero and I hate everything about EJ. I don't care for Rafe, but at the moment I prefer him and GG to EJ and JS.
I wasnt talking to or about any one person, and ofcourse different opinions come from all directions.
By the same token some Ejami's Like Rafe, or GG just not with Sami.

It just seems that sometimes the level of hatred directed towards him is Bizarre. Especially considering he has not done anything to warrant the emotion..And its hard to buy into the "he bores me so much I feel nothing" claim when some post seem to be dripping with hatred. I understand not everyone likes him, or that he makes them feel like I feel, I just dont get the hatred. I mean I dont like EJ with Sami, but I dont hate EJ or JS.. I didnt even Hate EJ when he was doing things I hated ecause .. hey .. that was his role and Salem needs a Villian.

But thats just me, I dont hate any character or pairing that way.. Even my least favorites might leave a bad taste in my mouth, or leave me uninterested but I just FF thru them.
There is no point denying it many Ejami's and I am of course not refering to any this board :tounge: are bitter and angry because they have 'waited' 3 years for their couple, sami already had two men and didn't need another one, Rafe is not the father of any of her kids and she should be with one of them, Galen cannot act, Galen is a favourite of GT and that is the only reason why he got the job, Galen is monotone in his delivery, Galen doesn't speak clearly, Galen is boring, Galen was on Passions, Rafe is boring, Rafe is creepy, Rafe is a peodofile, Rafe is a stalker, Rafe is a murderer and EJ will need to rescue Sami from him in the end, Rafe keeps threatening to leave Sami when she disagrees with him, Rafe is not telling everything about his past with Emily, Rafe's lying and Arianna is not really his sister but some undercover person who he has more chemistry with than Sami, Rafe should be Roman's son, Rafe should be paired with Nicole because he has more chemistry with her than Sami, Rafe should have been written off when the WP storyline finished, Rafe should have been written off when Grace died, Rafe tried to adop Grace is is EJ's - not, Rafe should have been placed in scenes and chem tested with all the women in days before being paired with Sami, Ali's pimping Galen as a good co-star to work with is pathetic and not working, Rafe is trying to take the place of Lucas for talking to Will......have I missed anything? I think this covers the comments of all Rafe and Galen haters even the non-Ejami ones and there are a lot on this board but they also hate others and the show in some cases! :laugh:

The woman that does the promo's for days shared info on her twitter that Safe are by far and away the highest scoring pariing on the show at the moment since April 27,that Bope are 2nd and Ejami are 3rd. These are random polls across a range of viewers with different ages, locations and ethnicities which are done with a wider audience and many more viewers than the same posters posting the same topics about Rafe from board to board.

The viewers have spoken by the poll results - they have good taste I think :lol:
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