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Jul 24 2009, 10:49 AM
I'd like to know the context too. I assume the range of numbers she provided provided snapshots from the lowest to highest; this is the lowest Safe, for example, polled for one week was "x" and the highest they polled for one week was "y." Of course, another thing we don't know is what question or questions were asked. "Who's your favorite couple?" is a different question than "which couples are you responding to favorably?" for example, or "which couple do you enjoy watching?" It's also true that for the time period she cited Safe was receiving the most favorable writing in terms of "should I emotionally invest in this couple": they were happy, they have no secrets between them, they made love, then Grace died and it didn't tear them apart but bonded them further. Possibly the numbers would be different for this next ratings period, if and when there is more suspicion between Sami and Rafe. Oh, and we don't know either when the high and low numbers in the range fell, for any of the three couples she cited numbers for.

I'm not saying I disbelieve the results of the research, I'd just like to see--not that I ever will--the questions that were asked and how the numbers correlated to what was going on in the story at the time. As an Alison Sweeney non-fan, it's very difficult for me to believe any pairing of hers would be the most popular on the show, but Safe is certainly being written as a rooting couple.

I was also curious as to why none of Chloe's pairings or potential pairings made that list. Nor did Lucas's, yet they asked about brand new couples like Melanie and Nathan. It's difficult for me to believe that Danloe was statistically insignificant, so did they not poll for them (and if not, why not?) or did she simply not mention them.
She did have numbers for some of the other pairings but iirc there were no polls with Philip demonstrated. And I don't believe that there aren't any fans of Philip out there at all myself. Many pairings were lumped together at the end. It was really ad hoc and again, I'd like to see the context for the numbers.

Like any of it matters, the writing for the entire show is not good and that is what ultimately floats or sinks the ship.
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