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Jul 20 2009, 12:09 PM
The same issue of DAYTIME TV has an article about the rising ratings of game shows and it cites these numbers...

for the 2 weeks ending January 28, 1972

(for all daytime show, not just soaps)
#1 - Hollywood Squares (11.5)
#1 - General Hospital (11.5)
----- Newlywed Game (11.1)
----- Jeopardy (9.9)
#7 - Sale of the Century
#10 - Let's Make a Deal (9.5)
#10 - Dating Game (9.5)
#10 - Another World (9.5)

The article also mentions ATWT being #1 for 11 straight years until it was bumped from the #1 spot in November 1971, first by Days of our Lives and then by General Hospital.
Matt, Do you know how many total viewers these ratings equates to? We really can't compare ratings points from decade to decade but each point represented a lot smaller number of homes.
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