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Jul 24 2009, 11:17 AM
Well, I don't think you're supposed to be adding the percentages, though. I think it's just a range of numbers. For example:

BOPE 2nd top couple ranging from 52% to 64%

I take that to mean that during the polling period conducted, fans were asked some question or questions about Bo and Hope per week. The lowest favorable rating they scored was 52%. The highest favorable rating they received was 62%. Bope's numbers are independent of Safe's, or EJami's, or EJole's, or anyone else's. I don't think you're supposed to see it as 80% of the audience has Safe as their favorite couple plus 62% has Bope as their favorite, etc. Maybe I'm just not understanding what you're saying about how the percentages don't add up.

And that's why I think the question was more, "do you view this couple positively?" than "who is your favorite couple?" I could see how the majority of the audience could have a positive view of Safe but that's not the same as whether they're the favorite of the majority of the general audience. That's why I find the question(s) asked to be very relevant to knowing how these numbers were obtained, so although this info is interesting and I'm glad she put it out there, there's certainly a lot that's left out.
That makes more sense. I took it to mean a series of "who's your favorite" polls with each couple getting a share of the 100%. IIRC, it was her wording of the response that led to her posting the numbers that caused people to read it that way, but since those posts are gone, I don't want to put words in her mouth. They were quickly snatched, though, which is unfortunate.

Funny banner btw. Poor Phil.
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