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Monday, July 27th
Bo wants to bring in Daniel to make an official statement; Sami tracks down Meredith at the Salem Inn; EJ accuses Nicole of keeping secrets; Stephanie apologizes to Philip; Melanie agrees to a do-over date with Nathan.

Tuesday, July 28th
Daniel is brought to the police station in handcuffs; Lexie gets test results back on Chloe, and the news isn't good; Kate faces suspicion from Victor; Sami questions Meredith about Emily; and Roman cautions Rafe about Sami.

Wednesday, July 29th
Victor threatens to call out Kate in front of Lucas; Rafe tells Sami that Emily was killed when he crashed their car on their wedding day; Daniel is arrested and processed; Abe and Lexie make plans for a date.

Thursday, July 30th
Brady makes his feelings for Arianna very clear and kisses her; Chad tells Mia he's staying in Salem; EJ remains disturbed about a dream he had involving Sami and Sydney; Rafe goes to see Meredith.

Friday, July 31st
Lucas confronts Daniel about his affair with Chloe; Nicole confesses her sins to an unconscious Chloe; Will finds out from Kate that Daniel supposedly tried to kill Chloe; and Rafe tells Sami that he still feels guilty about Emily.
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